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extreme distances, long lifespan

Die Funklösungen der merkur Funksysteme AG sind jeweils individuelle Funkkonzepte, die wir auf Basis einer umfassenden Beratung erstellen. Im Mittelpunkt stehen die Integration und Ankoppelung geeigneter Funklösungen an bereits vorhandene Systemumgebungen. Unsere Rückschlüsse und Erkenntnisse aus der kontinuierlichen Zusammenarbeit mit wissenschaftlichen Institutionen, sichern die Berücksichtigung aktueller Trends wie auch zukünftiger Entwicklungen ab.

Innovative radio solutions as a technical driver for energy efficiency and building automation

explained in 3 minutes

merkur Funksysteme AG develops and operates intelligent, open and low-maintenance radio solutions in the fields of energy and building technology, industry and agriculture.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of buildings and the operation of their heating systems is paramount, but wired installation of controls is not always feasible. In instances where the installation of a wired transmission system is not possible, difficult to implement or too costly, merkur secures data transmission through custom radio solutions. The regulation of heating systems or Smart Homes is entirely radio-controlled. Typical applications include heating control, meter readings (M-Bus, analog (0-10V, 0-20mA), digital (0/1, pulse counter), district heating control, hot water optimization, brightness and temperature monitoring.

Research study

A research study conducted by the Cologne Institute for Renewable Energy (CIRE) of the Technical University of Cologne and the Cologne-based energy supplier Rheinenergie 2018 comes to the conclusion that modern smart home systems can reduce gas consumption by up to 30 percent, regardless of the size of the house and the age of the heating system.

Our Strengths

through quick and easy installation

from two to five floors within a building and up to three kilometers in the open. With repeaters, the connection reach can be extended several times over.

when using standard batteries

due to long battery life and easy installation

due to its compatibility with most automation systems

due to the bi-directional wireless connection, our sensors and actuators are constantly monitored by the control panel

Five-year guarantee

and a ninety-day return policy on all products.
We guarantee the superior quality and functionality of our products

About our products

Decisive factors in favor of our radio sensors and radio actuators:

Actuators and sensors form the basis for recording and forwarding relevant control data. This means that energy-saving radio sensors and radio actuators are one of the most important drivers of this development. These components are increasingly found in applications such as smart metering concepts, transportation, safety systems, remote monitoring and in building automation. They form the basis of automation.

Our focus is on:


  • the scalability of the data
  • the transmission range of the data
  • the required current to ensure energy efficiency
  • the reliability of data transmission.

The goal is to transmit all obtained data reliably and energy-efficiently. In order to achieve this, data are AES encrypted. AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard, and is one of the most popular encryption algorithms worldwide. To date, AES is considered to be the industry standard in encryption and is also used by the U.S. government for top secret documents. AES encryption ensures data security in our wireless networks. Stable radio solutions from merkur radio systems as the basis of a reliable solution.

The basis for all these developments
are stable wireless solutions.

Our wireless solutions reach radio distances
of over three kilometers and carry a battery life of more than ten years.
They form a reliable technical basis for everyday life.

Our wireless solutions are used in applications for
building automation, agriculture, research, (railway technology), medical technology and hospitals,
as well as industrial applications.

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