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The merkur transmission solutions reach a transmission distance more than 3km and battery lifetime over 10 years. They are primarily used in situations in which the installation of a cable-based system is impossible, difficult or simply too expensive.

Simple, fast, cost-efficient and durable

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merkur Funksysteme AG develops and operates intelligent, open, low-maintenance transmission solutions for energy and buildings technology, industry and agriculture.

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We reliably monitor and control irrigation systems, for instance, thus making an important contribution to optimising productivity in agriculture.

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Energy and buildings technology

Our wireless systems offer a high degree of availability and faultless transmission technology. Their installation is fast and easy in any building, from multi-storey office buildings to thick-walled concrete industrial halls.

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Research & development

We cooperate with universities and incorporate scientifically validated research insights into our developments. 


New Room sensors

We have extended our product portfolio! Several new room sensors are available now.

The brand new products you will find under wireless solutions on our homepage.

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Monitoring & Optimisation of buildings

Visit us on 28. Feburary 18 at the event organised by the Energie-Cluster relating to the topic monitoring and optimisation of buildings.

Merkur Funksysteme presents interesing solutions.

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Event building technology 

Visit us at the event "Kadertag Gebäudetechnik" in Baden on 07. Nov. 17, when interesting Energy- and building technology will be presented.

We will show you interesing possibilities.

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Advantages of merkur wireless solutions

The merkur wireless system was developed specifically for situations in which cable-based data transmission is impossible. Thanks to high-quality, energy-efficient 433 MHs transmission technology, the devices achieve a transmission range of more than three kilometres. All merkur components are developed and produced in Switzerland. 

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Thanks to modern narrow-band technologies in the 433 MHz range and a consistent HF design, our technology can span large distances. They have a reach of 2–5 storeys within buildings and more than three kilometres in open land with direct visibility. Our repeaters can extend this range by up to five times.

Depending on their configuration, the sensors of the merkur transmission system can be operated with regular, commercially available batteries for more than 10 years. The capacity and battery state can be transmitted in order to facilitate ideal planning and response.

The merkur transmission system is equipped with a modbus TCP and a BACnet IP interface, making it compatible with most building automation systems. Its configuration software has a plug-in export function, with which all defined data can be transferred to external systems in the form of an import.

The system is installed quickly and easily thanks to its functional design and use of DIN standards. Its installation is gentle to the building; it can be expanded as well as reversed.

The long battery life and easy installation of our system reduce its need for maintenance to an absolute minimum. Any merkur component can be replaced and reprogrammed very quickly whenever necessary.

The wide range of different components available allows users to realise flexible solutions without having to involve third-party transmission systems.

Cloud/on premise solutions

The merkur wireless transmission system offers many advantages and a great deal of flexibility for capturing operation and energy data. The system transmits its operating data to a fixed central unit by default. You are free to configure the transmission frequency for transfers to the central unit yourself and transmit the control commands from the control system to the actuators via the central unit. This automatically activates and deactivates the individual systems (e.g. heating, light) if the threshold values are exceeded or not met. 

We use the right wireless sensors (temperature, moisture, room sensors, etc.), actuators, repeaters and central units for any intended purpose of the system. And we transfer the data without cables – so you have access to all energy and operation data at any time. You can even choose cloud storage.

Our merkur components are compatible with the IoT and easily integrated in your own applications.

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