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merkur Funksysteme AG develops and operates intelligent, open and low-maintenance radio solutions in the fields of energy and building technology, industry and agriculture.

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Our wireless solutions come into play when there is a problem with cables that cannot be solved or when wired installation is too costly. In many cases, sensors are required in locations where a direct connection to the grid would be impractical. Even in places where electricity is available, the data line is often missing for transmitting data.

In such cases, merkur radio systems can create secure and stable connections with individual radio solutions and battery operation. The basis for this is a robust radio architecture, since under certain circumstances large amounts of collected data can be processed by the control system. Of particular importance is avoiding excessively high power consumption at the sensor nodes in order to ensure energy efficiency. merkur Funksysteme AG sensor batteries have an average lifespan of 10 years with a 6 minute radio interval.

  • Radio solutions are the ideal solution for the modernization and automation of existing or listed buildings, because only a minimal time investment is required for installation.
  • The same applies to the subsequent upgrading, modernization or automation of large-scale buildings such as shopping malls, production or storage facilities.

From a technical standpoint, merkur Funksysteme AG offers custom wireless solutions with bi-directional communication options and open interfaces from control systems down to the field level (such as counters or valves). Our wireless technology supports all control systems and does not rely on a single standard, unlike many other providers in the marketplace.

The basis of our work is an individual and well-thought-out concept. Our service promise is that we will continue to provide guidance throughout the entire process: For us at merkur Funksysteme AG, supporting our customers does not end with the system interface.

  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • BACNet IP
  • MQTT
  • M-Bus

Due to their modular design, our wireless solutions are open to all future wireless standards and can also be easily integrated into, for example, LORA (a low-power wireless network protocol). The LoRaWAN specification is set by the LoRa Alliance and is freely available. It is asymmetrically geared toward the energy efficiency of IoT devices and achieves high ranges (> 10 km) for uplink communication, i.e. the transmission from the IoT device to the network.

We actively support you with our software application throughout the data integration process. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and cost-optimized implementation. We can develop individual solutions and take on additional services for you on request, because you as the customer are our primary focus.

The technology behind merkur Funksysteme AG’s radio solutions

The merkur wireless technology system can be easily connected to new or existing systems via an interface using configuration software. All necessary information can be exported from the system via plug-in. This increases implementation efficiency. Specifically, already installed customer solutions can be efficiently pre-installed with this technology.

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What are the advantages of this system?

Wireless technology is neither a new nor a foreign concept.

Cheap standard radio solutions usually have a short range and support only unidirectional communication. As a rule, these solutions are more maintenance-intensive, because of their short battery lifespans of up to 3-5 years after installation. In addition, only a limited number of data transmission intervals are created and the value is transferred only once a day in these systems.
Open radio solutions communicate with each other.

This is exactly where we differ from the competition: The intelligent radio concepts developed and operated by merkur Funksysteme AG are open and low-maintenance radio solutions for energy and building technology, industry and agriculture. Our radio solutions are always custom-made to meet the requirements of our clients. Our radio solutions achieve a range of 10 km. The battery sensors and actuators are designed for 10 years of operation and transmit the determined values several times per hour. As a rule, the systems are designed to transmit 4 - 10 values / hour.

As radio systems specialists, we also undertake development projects and design individual wireless hardware and software solutions on request.

merkur Funksysteme AG is an attractive employer for dedicated specialists in the fields of software and hardware development, production and sales.
As an SME, we offer a collegial, manageable working environment and space for innovative ideas.

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