M2S system overview

The merkur M2S system serves as a gateway for data transmission of sensor and actuator values to a higher-level automation system. The protocols BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP and MQTT are available. The sturdy housings can be mounted space-saving, simply and quickly and are best suited for installation in control cabinets and small distributors. The communication and power supply with other M2S modules are done via the pluggable sub-bus. Due to the pluggable cable connections, expansion is possible without any problems.

The M2S modules require no configuration software. They are configured directly via the web interface of the M2S ethernet module. All system-relevant parameters can be set quickly and easily. Further functions and configuration files such as EDE files and log files are also available on the web interface. The M2S system is compatible to many automation systems and can be integrated into existing systems without effort. Thanks to the different LEDs you are always informed about the device status.

Let your ideas run free. We will be happy to advise you in order to find the optimal match for your task.

M2S system overview
  • Compact data center with BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, MQTT
  • Power supply via sub-bus
  • Plug and play capable
  • No bus termination and no addressing necessary
  • All cable connections pluggable
  • LED status display
  • Sturdy plastic housing IP20
  • Simple and quick mounting on DIN rail (35 mm)

Application area and special features

Are you lacking reliable operational and energy data? Is the installation of a wired transmission system impossible or too cost intensive? The merkur wireless system offers a remedy. The merkur wireless solution is the fastest and most cost-effective type of installation, especially when it comes to the renovation, modernisation and expansion of industrial buildings, office complexes, hotels, residential buildings, etc.

An overview of your benefits

  • Range: up to 3 km in an open air test site, 2-5 floors in a building
  • Short project implementation times or simple and quick installation on site
  • Flexible placement without visible lines
  • Cost-effective alternative to fixed installations
  • Compatible with many automation systems
  • Easy integration into existing systems

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