Wireless room sensor for temperature & moisture

The wireless room sensor for temperature & moisture is used to record temperature and moisture in rooms, among other places. The sensor works with a resolution of 0.25°C and 1 % r.H. The narrow sturdy housing allows for installation in tight spaces.

How is the wireless room sensor for temperature & moisture configured? With the right merkur configuration software. This is used to define the measurement cycles and transmission intervals. You can also verify and visualise the quality of the wireless connection between the sensors and the control centre.

Wireless room sensor for temperature & moisture
  • Temperature range: 0 - +50°C 
  • Moisture range: 0 - 100% r.H.
  • Sturdy plastic housing IP30
  • Quick and fast assembly on site
  • Encrypted data transmission (AES 128bit)
  • Continous status monitoring of the sensor

Application area and special features

Are you lacking reliable operational and energy data? Is the installation of a wired transmission system impossible or too cost intensive? The merkur wireless system offers a remedy. The merkur wireless solution is the fastest and most cost-effective type of installation, especially when it comes to the renovation, modernisation and expansion of industrial buildings, office complexes, hotels, residential buildings, etc.

An overview of your benefits

  • Battery service life of more than 10 years (depending on the configuration)
  • Range: more than 3 km in an open air test site, 2-5 floors in a building
  • Short project implementation times or quick and fast installation on site
  • Flexible placement without visible lines
  • Cost-effective alternative to fixed installations
  • Compatible with many automation systems
  • Easy integration into existing systems

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