Areas of application

The merkur wireless transmission system is designed for use in locations where the installation of a cable-based system is impossible, difficult or simply expensive.

Energy and buildings technology

Our wireless solutions are designed for a wide range of building types. They work safely and reliably, from multi-storey office buildings to thick-walled concrete industrial halls. Their high availability and interference-free transmission technology gives you greater flexibility in distributing sensors and actuators across the individual rooms and positioning them within these rooms. Our wireless systems are quickly and easily implemented; existing systems can be upgraded without hassle.

Case studies

You have to measure and record values using different instruments, such as water and energy meters. If these meters are far away from each other and not interconnected, our wireless solution can help.

Individual temperature regulation inside rooms is not only a matter of comfort: energy consumption also plays an important role. Nevertheless, many buildings still do not support individual regulation. Instead, all rooms on one floor (e.g. in an office or hospital) are heated or cooled identically. As a result, some rooms are too cold, while others are too warm. Our wireless solution allows you to set the optimal temperature for each room.

Flexibility is key nowadays. Our wireless solution supports flexible office environments. If you need to adjust your infrastructure, our wireless data collection system gives you increased flexibility and decreases your installation cost. Simply build a new wall, install a temperature sensor and use the data.

Buildings housing cultural objects frequently struggle with moisture and mould. Our temperature and humidity sensors allow you to monitor your rooms and objects actively, while our alarm system offers additional security. We continuously check the proper functioning of all supplied equipment. If a battery reaches the end of its service life or a wireless connection is interrupted, you will be notified promptly.

Modern architecture and innovative constructions frequently require invisible installations. Merkur Funksysteme AG meets these requirements with its straightforward solutions. Sensor and actuator systems are installed inside the building virtually invisibly, without any cables or openings. In particular, the very long transmission range inside the building sets our system apart, guaranteeing its flexible use and installation.

Existing buildings require a targeted approach to data collection to comply with new regulations and meet changing requirements. Our wireless sensors solve this challenge for you. They allow you to capture and transmit temperature and ventilation information. Energy measurements can be integrated subsequently with a single system. In addition, valves and lighting groups can be controlled wirelessly.

Listed buildings often offer considerable potential for energy savings. Our wireless system helps you install the required sensors and actuators without damaging the building. Thick walls and long distances pose no problem. The devices are easily and reversibly installed using proven mounting solutions..

A sensor must be installed in a relatively inaccessible location, such as the outside of a wall. Our wireless solutions achieve this swiftly and economically: you do not need to drill into the wall to create cable ducts. The necessity for fire-resistant sealing also becomes a thing of the past.

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