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Convincing arguments in your luggage: Order the demo case now

​From now on, one grip is all you need to have everything at hand for future customer visits. At merkur the new demo case* is ready for you. It contains the new M2S gateway and all necessary accessories. The set also includes a room sensor.

Not only do we make your appearance easy, we also make the decision easy for you: If you order the demo case* immediately, you will receive it at the net preferential price of CHF 669 / EUR 629. Please take note: The promotion lasts until 31 October 2020. We suggest: Take it now and demonstrate convincingly! 

New room sensors

We have extended our product portfolio! Several new room sensors are available now. If temperature with or without set value regulation and/or presence switch, humidity- or light intensity measurement is required, we have the perfect solution.
Our portfolio covers every application you require: functional, aesthetic and simple, cost efficient installation.

Further developments will follow soon...

Monitoring & Optimisation of buildings

With the new energy law and the new Minergie-standards, monitoring will become more important for buildings. In the day-course "Monitoring and Optimisation of Buildings", important basics, requirements and specifications by law will be presented and explained with practical examples.

Within the past years, buildings will be planned and build more efficient. The habits of its residents have have a strong influence on an efficient operation, but the consumption will not be monitored and the required individual measuring of the provider will be handled differently.

This day couse will show you ideas of different measuring systems, cost efficient implementation and examples for optimisation of  building operation.

Merkur presents an interesing speech to the monitoring systems of today and tommorrow. We will be pleased to see you there!

Key factors for successful projects

This is the topic of the 12. day of Building technolgies. (KTGT) in Baden on  7. November 2018.

Invest a bit of time in a working day of a different kind and profit form interesting speakers and coversations with other partners in building technologies.

Dieser Anlass eignet sich vor allem für Bauherren, Anlagenbetreiber, Planer, Unternehmer und Hersteller/Lieferanten der Gebäudetechnik.

We are part of the exhibitioin and are looking forward to meeting you at the transformer hall in Baden.

Building Lifecycle Excellence

The building management sector is stipulated and in relation with the required decarboni-sation as well as a more efficient operation of the systems in the Swiss building parcs in its responsiblity. Therefore, innovative solutions are required to eliminate the often available performance gap. 

We have the perfect solutions to close this gap.

Swiss Energy & Climmat Summit

It is not only politics and society, but also companies, in particular, along with their technological developments that have a great deal of influence on what the future energy supply, and thus our climate, will look like in the future.  

Sind Sie mit dabei, wenn merkur Funksysteme ihre innovativen Lösungen für eine umweltfreudliche Zukunft präsentiert.

Event Energy Efficiency Managment for Enterprises

With the acceptance of the new energy law, it has become more important than ever "energy saving means cost saving". In the workshop "Energyefficiency management for enterprises" organized by you will get an impression for the next step in the right direction.

For more information follow this link:

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New website design

We have revamped our website in time for our national celebration day and are proud to present its new design. As before, the website contains extensive information about our products and services. Its simple structure, fresh design and user-friendly navigation system will help you find exactly what you need. We are looking forward to your feedback! And we hope you will have a good time browsing, reading and learning.

The configuration studio generates added value for you

Version 4.0 of the merkur configuration studio introduces a wide range of improvements. We have simplified the handling of the tool and optimised various functions, including M-Bus support, for instance. Install the new version and find out all about its improvements. We look forward to hearing from you..

Update 4.0 of the configuration studio improves handling

In addition to the improved handling, we have also made new functions available to you. The configuration software now supports the export of the Engineering Data Exchange (EDE) if you use our BACnet gateway. This makes our software even easier to use and import into third-party systems.

Coming soon: from our product range

In autumn, we will be introducing the wireless light detection sensor for outdoor use into our product range. Please get in touch to learn more.

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